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Give the Ultimate Holiday Gift, The Gift of Music, a Ukulele

Whether your a seasoned player, a beginner, a want-a-be, or your child is interest in playing, we picked out a great ukulele. One of the most important things is to start with a good instrument as it is frustrating when an instrument won’t stay in tune or has other issues. Everybody wants to have success at playing and make beautiful music.

How come ukuleles make a great gifts? They are almost magically. For a child, it can a hobby that lasts and is never outgrown. They say as we age we should learn new things. This makes a ukulele an ageless gift. Ukuleles are little and relatively small in both size and price, yet they can bring joy that endures a lifetime.

You wondering why with a recommend a this Flight Salamander Ukulele? Sweet sound, great looks and durability at a good price to boot.

The majority of this instrument is made from ABS. What is that? Well it is plastic. This is Flight’s specialty and they don’t apologize for it not should they. Because is has an ABS body, neck, and fret board it is durable and not subject to changes in humidity which can wreak havoc on wood instruments. These two factors make it perfect for travel. We take ours everywhere. Another advantage is that because it is molded plastic you get consistently good instrument every time.


The top is a walnut laminate that is not only a beautiful wood to look but also has bright tone- some says as bright as Koa. Koa is considered the best as it is the authentic wood of Hawaiian ukuleles. The sound hole features salamanders.

The body is arched which gives lets the sound resonate freely and have more volume than most other ukuleles of the same size. The body has a nice texture to it making it easy to grip. There is even a strap button.

Since the neck is ABS, it won’t warp with the weather. The finger board has a nice faux wood grain. The frets will never be sharp.

The zero fret and bridge construction give this ukulele a low action. A low action means the players doesn’t need to press hard making it perfect for the beginner and those whose hands find higher actions difficult to play due to finger strength. The construction keeps the tone consistent as well.

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