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Variations on a Theme

5 Budget Busting Ideas

Unlimited Results

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Learn how to get several looks and variations from one design.  This saves you money as you can easily extend the use of a single graphic design giving you more bang for the buck. 

1 Changing the color scheme is the simplest way to create different looks. The variety is simply surprising!

2 Create a twofer with a single cut. For the first option, paste the cutouts onto your card using your favorite glue, (be sure to check out what we like in the product suggestions below.) Pro Tip: Check out the video for this one. The second idea is to fill the holes on the original stock with a background paper.

3 Use the draw feature to create a design to color. You can color it yourself if you like. Better yet send it along uncolored. Treat your card recipient to a little crafting creativity of their own. After all sharing crafting is a tremendous gift in itself!

4 Check out the debossing technique. With a little experimentation, we found a material that created the deboss on one side and the bonus emboss on the back side. A word of caution – make sure the material you chose can withstand machine embossing as otherwise it may tear. We learned this from experience. No debossing tip? Time to get one for your Cricut Maker. Bonus Tip: Try a stylus for those machine which cannot use a debossing tool. See how the stylus worked out on our Your Deserve the Credit post.

5 Use the cutout from your original stock as a stencil. Make the stencil out of a durable material if you plan to reuse it many times. You can use the stencil to trace designs onto various media or use it as a paint or ink stencil.

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