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Take your playing to the next level

Two Accessories that you didn’t know You absolutely need.

Music Theory Made Easy.

Ever wonder why certain things sound great together and others sound sour? It has to do which the science of music. Simply put music theory. But who wants to learn a lot of theory? This tool takes all of the work out of it. Displays not only the chords that make up the key but also:

  • the relative position from the root chord
  • the notes that make up the chords
  • which notes are sharp or flat
  • suggested chord progressions

If you play in jam sessions with people and it seems they want to change the key from what you have music for, then this is the perfect solution.

Best of all is the education available from the manufacturer.

By the way jams are undoubtedly the best way your to improve your playing. Why? You get to see and hear what others you envy are doing. Learn from them. You likely are doing something that they admire. Teaching is also learning.

Plus it’s great fun!

Accessory #2

Who knows all the chord shapes? You don’t have to with these. In addition to the chord reference chart, all the notes on the fret board are laid out. The circle of fifths is a nice added bonus.

It’s helpful to have one of these charts for each instrument you play or are learning to play. Especially at a jam where you may be playing multiple instruments or brought an instrument other then your primary instrument. Also great when trying out a new instrument you think you want to get into.

Yes you can learn CAN play multiple instruments. It’s Excellent for your brain health!

These chord reference charts are made from heavy and sturdy card stock. Tip: I laminated mine to protect them from spills and increase their lifespan.

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