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Unmask the Myth about Homemade Face Masks

   We see pleas from those on the frontlines for face masks yet homemade masks are being discounted for two reasons – they are not CDC approved and effectiveness is unknown.

   Let us explain why we urge you to rethink this thought process.

   Of course CDC approved masks are best if available. Please remember to evaluate whether or not the situation requires masking to protect the approved mask supply for more critical situations.The CDC guidelines actually indicate use of homemade masks when commercially made, approved, and test masks are not available.

   Everyone can agree that a homemade mask will provide more protection than nothing and in fact the CDC agrees.


by using two masks. Use one mask for the patient as it will help impede the flow of germs as well as aid in germ containment. The second mask is for the provider which will act as a barrier for some of what get through the first barrier.
FREE pattern and information

Please follow CDC guidance to help you, your community, and beyond be safe and healthy!

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Extend Mask Life with Easy to Make Cover

   With N-95 respirator supplies in question, extending the life of a mask may become important during the pandemic.

   Quilters will especially appreciate that these covers are made with scrap batting. We chose quilting batting because it tends to cling to masks. We have included a casing for elastic or ties should you desire to secure it in place.

   We designed this mask cover to be disposable yet it can be washed a few times.

Please follow CDC guidelines to help you, your community, and beyond be safe and healthy!
MainelyDIY Full Disclosure · Masks · Sew-Quilt

DiY Face Mask – FREE pattern to Protect supply of medical masks for medical workers and first responders

It is important for every one of us to do our part in trying to impede the spread of the corona virus. Three important actions you can take right now are social distancing, washing your hands, and reserve the supply of masks for the frontline health care professional and first responders.

It is of the utmost importance that the health care and first responders are protected so that they will be there to save lives when they are needed the most. Conservation by the general public of the professional grade masks is why MainelyDiY.com has developed our own mask.

Covid-19 and other viruses are tiny – in the micron range or smaller. How small is that? Move the decimal point 6 points to the left or 0.000001. Our mask likely will not be able to filter out particles of this size. However the virus may be carried by other larger particles which the mask could offer some protection from. If your handmade mask gets the least bit wet with potential contaminants remove it immediately.

Another way our mask can help is that is will protect your nose and mouth from being touched by your hands.

We considered several factors when designing our mask:
  • Snug fit against the face
  • Breathability
  • Reusable
  • Comfort
Standard surgical style masks gape at the side. Our mask is designed to fit snuggly against the skin to eliminate this.

It also needs to be breathable as you don’t want your body to work harder than normal to getting air into your lungs. Adding more layers will make it more difficult to breathe and thus is not recommended.

The medical grade masks are one time use. Our mask can be laundered with disinfectant agents.

Comfort makes out mask wearable. Face it if isn’t comfortable your won’t use it.

We used a fun cotton fashion fabric for the outside. Why not be fashionable by choosing a fabric theme you love. Cotton flannel was chosen for the inside due to its softness against your skin. This is important because you want it to seal against face for best effectiveness.

We do not recommend you wear any mask constantly. Just wear it when needed and keep it clean. You may want to make several to have a clean one readily available.

The information contained in this blog is the opinion of MainelyDiY.com Please follow CDC guidelines
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