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Replacement Filter for Gas Mask – 99% Effective

With filters being in short supply for full and half face respirators, MainelyDiY has come up with a solution.

The material we chose may actually filter out viruses including COVID 19 even better than the coveted N95 masks – 4% better. According to calculations it can block particles by a whopping 99.9%. So cool as this material is often trashed and under utilized.

Check out our written instructions for specific instructions with photos for making your replacement filters. Includes materials used plus construction tips. And it is FREE in a downloadable pdf file format.

To read reference article on material effectiveness click here

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2 thoughts on “Replacement Filter for Gas Mask – 99% Effective

    1. Filters are good for hours of continual use. Our recommendation is to disinfect after each use period or allow 4 or more days between usage. We recommend immediate disposal once damp with contamination.

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