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Have Fun, Boost Health, & Get your Boogie Shoes on

   Don’t let Covid 19 zap your emotional health. Exercise promotes not only physical health but emotional health. The later is especially true when the exercise is fun! We are delighted to share this awesome video creating by a couple of friends of ours. These energetic women normally work improving the fitness of people over fifty. They have had tremendous positive impact of the lives of almost every one they have worked with. So get your boogie shoes on and dance along!

Movers and Shakers Unite!!

Posted by Friends in Action on Friday, March 27, 2020

Fix Your Oven Yourself & Save Hundreds $$$

Did your electric oven stop working?

     Check to see if the element is cracked or broken. Then watch this video and be amazed how simple and inexpensive it is to replace the element and fix your oven.

   You could pay hundreds to replace the oven, a couple hundred for a repairman OR do-it- yourself for much less. Ours cost was under $20.

Watch the how to video the figure out the part number you will need.
Oven Elements

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Bar None Hand Soap or Body Wash Saves Money

   Hand soap can be expensive and body washes are even more. Lets us show you how to inexpensively make your own very simply using a bar of soap.

   For hand soap, we suggest a soap that makes you feel extra clean yet is gentle on your hands. Your hands do so much for you so here’s a way to take card of them.

   In the shower a wet bar of soap can turn yucky so many of us turn to the pricey body wash. Follow our video and you can have the best of both worlds. Select a favorite bar soap with a great scent and skin quenching characteristics and Wow! you just extended the life of your soap bar and eliminated the mess.

Clean up Yucky Coffee and Tea Stains with this How to Video

Coffee and tea stains make your cups look yucky. MainelyDiY explores and compares 4 non-toxic cleaning techniques for effectiveness and ease. So clean up with MainelyDiy.com in this how to video. You will also learn how to have a sparkling clean coffee pot!
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