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  • Christmas Crafts inspired by Nature

    Bring in some nature to add warmth and charm to your holiday. Many of the designs are not only for Christmas extending your decor from fall through the new year and then some.

    Scroll down to see all our nature Christmas crafts.

    This post will be updated every few days throughout December so keep checking back every couple of days for new Christmas au Naturel inspiration!

    Logger Deer

    Even more save fire wood. Here we have three mini deer with small log bodies and spruce cone heads or log heads with twig antlers. Small spruce cones also work for tails. Legs and necks are made from barbecue skewers.

    Big Foot is coming for Christmas.

    Wiley Coyote ran into a brick wall trying to figure out what to get you for Christmas.

    Think beyond what you’d normally think as traditional holiday ornaments. Hope this inspires you to add some fun to you wood slices.

    Rudolph the wooden headed reindeer

    Another rescue log from the fire makes a fabulously fun Rudolph. Drill holes in the top of head for his pine cone antlers, Add hot glue for added security. Glue on pipe cleaner mouth, pom-pom nose and googly eyes to bring your character to life.

    Stumpy the Tree Gnome

    You guessed it, this gnome started with a tall tress stump. Stumpy’s beard is tree bows lashed on with a heavy rope which is also knotted to form his nose. His head is stuffed with more tree bows and stapled onto his stump. It is fun to watch is whiskers in a strong wind bringing him to life.

    Nature’s Star

    Made from descaled pine cones which were hot glued to a piece of heavy star shaped card stock. To add some sparkle and shine, I brushed the tips with white glue and sprinkled with glitter.

    You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch

    Paint the background of a log slice leaving eyes and nose unpainted. Draw on an evil grin and facial features with a black Sharpie. Fill in eyes and nose with a blue Sharpie. Next add highlights with a silver Sharpie. Keep tuned into for more inspiration.

    Log Head Gnomes

    Take a log from a branch, a pine cone hat, some faux fur and embellishments and add a touch of imagination and you have a may find you have a whole village of sprightly gnomes.

    Applause for Dog Paws

    Again we saved some birch wood from the fireplace. This one was made by cutting vinyl with my Cricut machine. You could also make a stencil and paint of the paw. Use a sharpie to label back with your pets name ’cause every dog deserves their own ornament on the family’s Christmas tree.

    Birch Reindeer

    Look who came to visit. Adorable deer was make from fallen tree. Our dear crafting kitty fell in love and got all starry eyed when this birch deer came inside for a holiday visit.

    Silver and Gold

    Spray paint pine cones silver and gold and use to add sparkle to your decor. Fill a bowl for a simple yet spectacular center piece. They also look cool on glass candle stick holders.

    Nuts for Nature Candles

    Love pistachios? Well here’s a project where you get to snack and have a craft to show for it. I call that a win win situation. Start with a cardboard circle. Trace the outline of the tea candle in the middle. Next hot glue shells from the outside edge of the candle layering as you go. Add candle and finish gluing shell and you are done. Or maybe not as this craft can be as addictive as eating the nuts.

    Nature’s Flowers

    Fallen trees are perfect for crafting. Here’s the first design I’m sharing with a wood slice as the base. The flowers are made pine cone scales arranged in a pleasing pattern and hot glued the wood slice. Adding a simple twine hanger and bow complete the rustic charm of this Nature’s Flowers project.

    Pine Cone Gnome

    Long pine cones lend themselves for this simple craft. Got pitch on your cone? Perfect to highlight your gnome’s beard. Hats are sewn from felt. Hot glue is another option. His nose is a pom-pom.

    Pine Cone Wreath

    I chose this idea to be the first in this series as it is probably the most timing consuming. I used a dollar store wire frame for the base and just hot glued the pine cones on. The curved surface of the wire frame adds a nice dimension to the wreath. Some of the pine cones were trimmed into flower shapes adding to the beauty of this wreath.

    Nature Candle

    Here’s a blast from the past. Check out the link below for detailed howtos. a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. MainelyDiY is affliated with Cricut and Sheet Music.