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From Our Gnome to Yours- Dollar Tree Inspired

Presenting an Iris Folding Gift

Pencil in Time to Play Games

    Watch this video to learn how to make this humorous greeting card and discover why the racoon is this year’s mascot.
    We found our racoon picture in a discarded book. If you can go out in nature and photograph one yourself. Alternately you could download one from the internet. Just remember these are for personal use only.

    You spend time making homemade greeting cards and you should take credit. The commercial vendors do and so should you! Celebrate your creativity by signing the back of all your greeting card with this clever tip. Learn how to create a signature card template you can use over and over again. We made it on our Cricut and have a couple our different styles.
Watch the video and learn how. You deserve the credit!

Going Nuts Greeting Cards

Our remedy is for you to make craft projects and then share some humor with your friends via snail mail. We created two versions – one to you with your Circuit and a Printable PDF Version for those who have not yeat joined the Cricuit crowd. Each version is a little bit different. Be sure to watch the videos to reveal the humorous interiors. There are actually 3 different interior layouts between the 2 videos.

Iris Folding template is very popular with our viewers. Click here to check it out.

Going Nuts Card
We show you how to design a fun greeting card with your Cricut machine although the general idea can be applied to other electronic cutting machines.  This is a great Cricut tutorial for those new to Cricut.
This card has a bonus. Since the squirrel is drawn on the card font it is perfect for coloring. So your friend gets to craft as well!

Taking your own pictures is the ultimate source for nature images. If you unable to get the shot you want, magazines, catalogs, and old calendars make excellent sources for art work. Some libraries have book sales as fund raisers and this is our favorite source of inexpensive picture books.
Don’t have a Cricut machine? We highly recommend you purchase a Cricut machine when you can. It is tons of fun!
We don’t want you to feel left out so we have created this printable version just for you!
You can just use ordinary scissors on this project yet we love our ceramic rotary blade for cutting. It is long lasting which saves you money AND you can use it on paper and card stock one day and then cut fabric without ever changing the blade which saves you time. Time and Money saved – what a bargain! We also like Creative Grid rulers for their grippies that prevent slippage. We also get a lot of mileage from add an eighth and add a quarter rulers, the later is our favorite.
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