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Make Some Family Fun with a Do it Yourself Bean Bag Toss Game

    You can make this bean bag toss game yourself and customize it any way you like. Paint it any way you like. We recommend painting the target holes a contrasting color. The bean bags are literally filled with beans.

(See written instructions below video.)

   With the innovative leg design, you can adjust the slope any way you fancy. Since the support legs are independently adjustable playing on an uneven surface is no problem. The legs are also removable so you can store the game flat or hanging it.

   This game is lots of fun for the whole family. It can be played both indoors as well as outdoors. Just teach your pet to retrieve the bags after tossing at add a bit more laughter to the game. Check out the video to see how the Crafting Kitty gets it on the playing fun too!

Some people call this corn hole game

To make bean bags

  • Cut 3 dark and 3 light rectangles of fabric 4 1/2″ by 9″
  • Fold one piece in half right sides together along the 9″ side – it now measures 4 1/2″ square
  • Sew a narrow seam along 2 open edges
  • Turn right side out
  • Fill with beans
  • Realign open edge so that seam in centered one the former fold line.
  • Fold in edges and stitch across.
  • Repeat for remaining bags.

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Prevent Money from Flying Out the Door by Replacing Weather Stripping

Save $
Keep Heat ≋ In
Keep Pests Out!

    Can you see light around your doors or windows? Then it is time to replace the weather stripping.
    Closing the gap will not only save money by conserving heat, it will serve as a barrier to prevent small pests from coming inside.

Let show you how in this quick instructional video.
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Whether You Call Him Tonttu, Tomte, or Gnome, Be Sure To Welcome This Adorable Elfish Creature into Your Home

Tonttu is a small creature from Finnish mythology. He lives in and protects the home. It is very important to treat him with respect otherwise he may become mischievous. Occasionally he can be found in the forest. Perhaps he has been treated poorly and is looking for a new home to look after – maybe yours! Some cultures may call him a gnome or tomte. I just call this elf-like creature cute. This tonttu is easy and quick to make. His spirit is ready to inhabit your home.

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You Can Become a Star Bow Maker – Just in Time for Wrapping Christmas Gifts

Looking of simple way to make a bow for a gift package? We have your solution here.
It starts with some ribbon and a flexible star shape form. This demonstration uses a plastic canvas star. You will want your star material to be flexible so that is easily removed from the bow and can be reused many times. This video starts with a single colored bow, followed by a two-colored bow and then a two-colored bow with two different ribbon widths. Keep some ribbon on hand and you will always be ready to top a gift package for any occasion.

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Tried of Tying the Untied?

Safety Tip

Are your slippers, moccasins, or loafers always coming untied? Worried about tripping on those loose laces? Put your fears to rest with this quick and simple solution. The hardest part is threading a needle. It looks nice and might even be invisible when completed.
Giving slippers as a gift? Fix them before they are even worn. Your recipient may never realize you did this but you will have peace of mind that you prevented a trip and fall hazard.
Slippers make a great gift!

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The Perfect Christmas Fashion Accessory – Santa Skirt Purse

Adorable purse is full of Christmas spirit. It is in the shape of a skirt with materials that look like they came from Santa Claus’s red suit. The perfect fashion accessory to add some fun to your holiday wardrobe. Make this purse with either a purchased Christmas hat or stocking. Add a chain shoulder strap and a belt complete with buckle and you can be stepping out in festive style.

Definitely a must have for any fashionista!

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Glistening Snowflake CD Ornament

Easy and Inexpensive DiY project

Glistening snowflakes make this ornament especially cool. Pun intended. Upcycling old compact discs is also very cool. You can use old dvds as well as cds. The snowflake theme extends the use of these ornaments well beyond Christmas for the whole winter long. The contrast makes the snowflakes really stand out.
They are quite elegant yet very simple to make. In fact, if you can color you can make these. You likely have everything on hand to make these and since recycled cds are the base, the ornaments cost practically nothing to make.
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Country Plaid Ornament Featuring a Glitzy Snowflake

Casual laid back country style meets sparkly and glitzy glamour in this fun Christmas tree ornament. Plaid is all the rage right now and gives that relaxed homey feel. Sophistication is added via shiny rhinestone crystals in the shape of a snowflake. The snowflake will twinkle as it catches and reflects light.
This ornament is wonderful well after Christmas as it can enhance your home décor all winter long. It is surprisingly simple and quick to make. It is also very addictive.

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