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Otterly Flippin’ Fun Waterfall Card

Have you tried a waterfall card yet? Turning a waterfall card on it’s side creates a flip book style-something we could not resist with the otterly adorable stamp set we found. There are lots other cute stamp sets out there that will work equally well. It’s a fun fold card. What’s a fun fold card? Folds are strategically placed to give the card action or let the card open in unexpected way.

Otterly Adorable and Flippin’ Fun

Let your stamp set dictate the size of your flip features. Add borders to make the image size 2-3/4 or 3″. Made to cut the mechanism to the same size as your bordered images. Your first score mark mark with need to match as well with subsequent score marks each 3/4″ more. We made the height one inch less than the width. You can also use paper stock -just mount it to a piece of card stock to give it stability. We like the look of a border around paper stock.

A word about theses product recommendations- We love ceramic rotary cutter blades for durability, safety and the ability to swap between paper and fabrics projects without changing blades. We like the ergonomics of the Fiskars cutting tool. Add an eighth and quarter rules are great for simple yet accurate borders. We like Creative Grid rulers for the stability provide – less slippage. There are lots of fine scoring board and cutting mat options. Choose what suits your size needs.


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