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Take a Stab at Needle Felting

    Have you seen those cute little felted animals and always wanted to give them a try? Let us show you how. To get started you will need an oval or egg shaped base. It all starts with some wool quilting batting that is cut in a particular yet simple non-precise way. Roll it up and then do a little punching with a special barbed needle. Now you ready to create your project.
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   We used Quilter’s Dream brand wool batting as we love their products. You can use other brands of wool batting. If you are a quilter, this is the perfect way to use scrap batting. Wool roving will work fine. Wool is the key to every needle felting project.

   The other thing you need is a felting needle. We used a medium sized or 86mm needle These needles not only sharp points but also have tiny very sharp barbs. Make sure to use caution and know where your fingers are in relation to the needle and you avoid poking yourself. Needle can bend and even break if forced or not used in a straight up and down motion.

    We suggest a needle felt surface. However you use a thick foam. For this base, you can do with out a felting mat. It is just nice to have.

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