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  • Bar None Hand Soap or Body Wash Saves Money
       Hand soap can be expensive and body washes are even more. Lets us show you how to inexpensively make your own very simply using a bar of soap.    For hand soap, we suggest a soap that makes you feel extra clean yet is gentle on your hands. Your hands do so much for you so… Continue reading Masks and More
  • DiY Face Mask – FREE pattern to Protect supply of medical masks for medical workers and first responders
    It is important for every one of us to do our part is trying to impede the spread of the corona virus. Three important actions you can take right now are social distancing, washing your hands, and reserve the supply of masks for the frontline health care professional and first responders. It is of the utmost importance that the health care and first responders are protected so that they will be there to save lives when they are needed the most. Conservation by the general public of the professional grade masks is why has developed our own mask. The information contained in this blog is the opinion of Please follow CDC guidelines.
  • Extend Mask Life with Easy to Make Cover
       With N-95 respirator supplies in question, extending the life of a mask may become important during the pandemic.    Quilters will especially appreciate that these covers are made with scrap batting. We chose quilting batting because it tends to cling to masks. We have included a casing for elastic or ties should you desire to secure… Continue reading Masks and More
  • Going Nuts Card -Printable Version
       We hope you enjoyed our last “Going Nuts” Card. If you thought about making it but don’t have an electronic cutter, we have created this printable version just for you.    We highly recommend you purchase a Cricut machine when you can. It is tons of fun!    Taking your own pictures is the ultimate source for… Continue reading Masks and More
  • Learn About COVID-19 & Protecting Yourself
    Want to learn about COVID-19 in easy to understand terms and learn ways to help protect yourself and others from infection? Understanding some to the characteristics of the coronavirus will help you appreciate why mask material selection is important. There is more than just face coverings included. Information is presented in a download pdf document… Continue reading Masks and More
  • Mascot of the Year
    Watch this video to learn how to make this humorous greeting card and discover why the racoon is this year’s mascot. If you do not have a racoon picture you can look in magazines or old books that are no longer used. No special tools are required to make this card yet we find the… Continue reading Masks and More
  • Mask Know How – Science & Tips to get the most benefit
    Upset about having to wear a mask? Try thinking about it in this light. Most public places require that you wear a shirt and shoes. Wearing a shirt is just common courtesy. However the requirement to wear shoes because of safety concerns and so is wearing a mask! No one has to say wearing pants… Continue reading Masks and More
  • Mask Updates – New Sizes – Updated Patterns
    Due to popular request, we have added two new sizes of our mask pattern. The child size pattern is for preschool aged children and the small size is for kids in between. All 3 designs contain our updated written directions which include the option of adding a wire such as a paper clip along the… Continue reading Masks and More
  • No Sew DIY Mask – Made with Man Friendly Duct Tape
    Want to make a mask but don’t know how to Sew? Especially with the CDC’s recommendation for the general public to use face covering when not at home in order to help reduce the spread of COVID 19 Duct Tape to the rescue! Our design features an adjustable fit around the difficult nose area. Just… Continue reading Masks and More
  • Replacement Filter for Gas Mask – 99% Effective
    With filters being in short supply for full and half face respirators, MainelyDiY has come up with a solution. The material we chose may actually filter out viruses including COVID 19 even better than the coveted N95 masks – 4% better. According to calculations it can block particles by a whopping 99.9%. So cool as… Continue reading Masks and More
  • Stay at Home Order Have you & your friends Going Nuts?
    Going Nuts greeting card
  • Unmask the Myth about Homemade Face Masks
       We see pleas from those on the frontlines for face masks yet homemade masks are being discounted for two reasons – they are not CDC approved and effectiveness is unknown.    Let us explain why we urge you to rethink this thought process.    Of course CDC approved masks are best if available. Please remember to evaluate… Continue reading Masks and More
  • Unmasking DiY Mask Materials
    Learn which materials to use to make a diy mask. Preserve the N-95 for those saving lives.
  • UPDATED – DIY Mask
    UPDATED- template includes instructions Homemade masks can protect supply of PPE on front-line healthcare worker and are an options when n-95 supplies are exhausted. Our mask design fits snuggly against your face, is comfortable and breathable. FREE pattern and information Mask Template DIY Mask Mask Cover Mask Myths Our FREE mask template now includes written… Continue reading Masks and More