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Unmask the Myth about Homemade Face Masks

   We see pleas from those on the frontlines for face masks yet homemade masks are being discounted for two reasons – they are not CDC approved and effectiveness is unknown.

   Let us explain why we urge you to rethink this thought process.

   Of course CDC approved masks are best if available. Please remember to evaluate whether or not the situation requires masking to protect the approved mask supply for more critical situations.The CDC guidelines actually indicate use of homemade masks when commercially made, approved, and test masks are not available.

   Everyone can agree that a homemade mask will provide more protection than nothing and in fact the CDC agrees.


by using two masks. Use one mask for the patient as it will help impede the flow of germs as well as aid in germ containment. The second mask is for the provider which will act as a barrier for some of what get through the first barrier.
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Please follow CDC guidance to help you, your community, and beyond be safe and healthy!

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