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Legendary Tale of Jingles the Gnome

Come read all about the story of Jingles the Gnome, soon to become a Christmas legend or at least folklore.

You have heard of the Island of misfit toys, right? Well, Jingles the Gnome has been hiding deep in the darkest forest. You see just like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was ashamed of his shiny nose, Jingles the Gnome was ashamed of his shiny nose too! Not because it glowed but because it makes a lot of jingly jangly noise. Gnomes are supposed to be stealthy so they can sneaky up on you especially when you are being naughty.

Just like Rudolph, Jingles discovers that his special shiny nose can do something no other gnome can do. He can turn the naughty to nice. But how? He starts jingling and jangling and pretty soon everyone is enticed to sing along. And who a can be naughty when rocking along to Jingle’s hit version of Jingle Bells!

So simple Jingles the Gnome takes only minutes to make. No sewing, not even glue is required to make him. He does have a secret ingredient to make him stand up but you will need to watch the video to reveal Jingle’s secret.

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2 thoughts on “Legendary Tale of Jingles the Gnome

  1. This little gnome is so cute and so easy to make. Once I have a supply of socks, I’ll one for the whole family!

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