Learn to Knit Series

Ever wanted to learn to knit? You are in the right place.

You will to how to start with needle selection and casting on which is your foundation row. Then you will learn the basic stitches and how to combine them to make patterns. Plus we will show you how increase and decrease stitches and casting off. We’ll share bonus tips.


Let’s start with the needles. I suggest a good size needles, 8 or 10. They are big enough to see progress right away.

Metal needles are great starter as well as used by professionals. Metal needles are smooth and slick allow the yarn to glide easily aiding in the the ease of stitch creation. Plus they are readily available and inexpensive.

Bamboo needles are nice to work with but have a higher price tag. Plastic needles can have a seam down the length of the needle which can snag the yarn. I the find the put a drag on the yarn as they do not have the necessary slickness.

Casting on

Learn to Knit Series – Casting On Knitting

Knit Stitch

Learn to Knit Series – Knit Stitch

Purl Stitch

Learn to Knit Series – Purl Stitch