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Jazzy Snazzy Musical Pizzazz

Are you bored with the plain look of your stringed instrument?  Why not jazz it up and make it your own snazzy piece?  We drew our inspiration from the Mandy Harvey Learn to Play Signature Series Ukulele from Kala brand.  Start this do it yourself project with a nice sounding yet inexpensive ukulele or instrument of your choice and you can create your own personalized version at a fraction of the price. 

One of a Kind Ukulele or Guitar

We cut the adhesive backed vinyl for this project with our Cricut. Click the Cricut banner to get your supplies. Learn how to design and make the Sound Hole Decal

Mitchell MU40C

We used a Mitchell concert sized ukulele for this project. The model number is MU40C. It is easy to play right out of the box. A lot of schools buy Mitchell products to teach kids so you know they have to be durable. It stays in tune and has a nice sound. Check out the sound in this video and note I’d only been playing for a couple of months.

Learn more about selecting a uke


This beautiful Kala Tenor Ukulele – the Mandy Harvey Learn to Play Signature Series – gave us the idea to decorate one of your ukuleles. Certainly if you can afford a Kala uke – Go for it!

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