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Iris Folding Template

Learn how to design a template for iris folding in this step by step video. This template can be used for many projects. There is no complicated measuring involved. Be sure to check out our Page crafts page to find some projects made with this template.
So what is iris folding?
It is a technique that creates a spiraling inward effect and is reminiscent of the aperture iris on a camera.

3 thoughts on “Iris Folding Template

  1. I tried this and it came out really well. And I also did some shading so that it looks like a bunch of squares of different sizes piled on top of each other… And thank you so much for making this seemingly hard and confusing pattern into an easy, very easy DIY! ❤❤ you loads

  2. Thank you so much for breaking this seemingly complicated craft down into very workable steps. I look forward to checking out your other posts 🙂

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