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How to change your Furnace Nozzle

Keep your furnace running smoothly. Learn how to change the Nozzle in your furnace as this step-by-step video guides you through the process.

Demonstrated on a Beckett burner on a Weil McLain oil fired furnace.
Method can be used for most applications.

Why buy your own?
  • This should be part of your annual cleaning.
  • Furnaces seem to fail in the middle of the night during the coldest winter weather. Replacing the nozzle will often resolve your problem.
  • Save Money #1 – Often times it is cheaper to buy your own versus paying a heating professional’s marked-up price.
  • Save Money #2 – Buying in bulk saves $$$ .
    For example our nozzles:
    • cost $22.77 each. (shipping included)
    • For 12 nozzles- $65.32 or $5.44 each.
    • Buying in quantity saved us a whopping 76%.
    • Peace of Mind – you know the part is in stock because it is in your stock.

Each furnace set-up has a specific nozzle that will work well for it.
  • First number is gallons of oil per hour at 100psi.
  • Second number is the apex angle (30° to 90° arc) of the oil spray cone.
  • The letters designate the fill of the spray cone:
    • A or H = hollow
    • B or ES = solid
    • SS = semi-solid
    • W = multipurpose.
Once you determine the nozzle required for your application, you can find it by pressing this button
We used:

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