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Gift Guide for Tea Lovers

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When choosing a tea kettle, look for one with a large base. The more surface area that is in contact with the burner the faster your water will heat. This will save time and energy thus saving you money. We like this one. The handle stays cool and it is an easy pour. A good whistle lets you know when it is ready.

We also recommend having a thermal carafe to keep the hot water that you don’t immediately plan to serve. This way your refill is only a pitcher away.

For teabags we like King Cole Orange Pekoe

King Cole Tea

Hu-Kwa Tea

For a treat we love this loose leaf Hu-Kwa Lapsang Souchong Tea from Mark T. Wendell.

When using loose leaf tea you will also need a strainer and we recommend a extra fine mesh micro-strainer.

Loose Leaf Tea Strainer

If you like cold brew or iced tea, we suggest this Flip and Brew form Zing that we use for cold brew coffee. The description says you can make hot tea in it which would be a good option for loose leaf tea if you plan to serve the batch all at once as it won’t keep your tea warm. We have not tried anything hot in our Flip and Brew.

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