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Boost Health with Fun Boogie

   Don’t let Covid 19 zap your emotional health. Exercise promotes not only physical health but emotional health. The later is especially true when the exercise is fun!

   We are delighted to share this awesome video creating by a couple of friends of ours. These energetic women normally work improving the fitness of people over fifty. They have had tremendous positive impact of the lives of almost every one they have worked with.

   So get your boogie shoes on and dance along!

Movers and Shakers Unite!!

Posted by Friends in Action on Friday, March 27, 2020
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Did you know you can make your own puzzle? Watch this step by step video and learn how to make your own. It is easy. Easier than solving the finished puzzle!

Minutes to make – Hours of fun!

We made our puzzle from a package of chicken fried rice making it a terrific recycle project. It was made with a Cricut machine although other brands would work just fine.

Check out our Library for all our puzzle templates.

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