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Please follow safety instructions for any products you and use safe practices for every project. This site is meant to demonstrate how we did it ourselves and encourage you to give it a try. Please do not extend your project beyond what your personal skill set will allow you to do safely. Please note we are “do it yourselfers” and not experts.

Handy Dandy Tool Organizer Case

Keep your tools organized and ready to roll with this roll-up handy holder. Just place your tools in pocketed slots, fold down top flap to keep tools in place, roll it up, tie the shoe lace and you will have a compact tool storage kit that is perfect for storing in car, truck, garage or tool box. This one was designed with wrenches in mind but would work well for other tools such as screwdrivers.

We suggest using a sturdy fabric like denim. It sews up very quickly.

Makes a Great Gift for a Birthday or Father’s Day

Bean Bag Toss Game

    You can make this bean bag toss game yourself and customize it any way you like. Paint it the way you like. We recommend painting the target holes a contrasting color. The bean bags are literally filled with beans.

   With the innovative leg design, you can adjust the angle and height any way you desire. Since the support legs are independently adjustable playing on an uneven surface is no problem. The legs are also removable so you can store the game flat or hanging it.

   This game is lots of fun for the whole family. It can be played both indoors as well as outdoors.

Just teach your pet to retrieve the bags after tossing at add a bit more laughter to the game. Check out the video to see how the Crafting Kitty gets it on the playing fun too!

Some people call this corn hole game

To make bean bags

  • Cut 3 dark and 3 light rectangles of fabric 4 1/2″ by 9″
  • Fold one piece in half right sides together along the 9″ side – it now measures 4 1/2″ square
  • Sew a narrow seam along 2 open edges
  • Turn right side out
  • Fill with beans
  • Realign open edge so that seam in centered one the former fold line.
  • Fold in edges and stitch across.
  • Repeat for remaining bags.

Prevent Money from Flying Out the Door by Replacing Weather Stripping

Save $
Keep Heat ≋ In
Keep Pests Out!

    Can you see light around your doors or windows? Then it is time to replace the weather stripping.
    Closing the gap will not only save money by conserving heat, it will serve as a barrier to prevent small pests from coming inside.

Let show you how in this quick instructional video.
At, we love to share our money saving tips!

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Replace Fluorescent Tube Lights with LED & Save Money

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