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Elfin’ Candles – a new kind of Elf on the Shelf

Looking for a super simple and inexpensive craft for this Christmas season? These cute fun elf candles are just what you need to spark your crafting creativity! Step by step pictorial instructions include pro tips I learned along the way to make your results look professional.

Start with tall slim candles in the color of your choice. I got mine at Dollar Tree

Pro tip: Look at top of candle and select one that has wax that is fairly level

Make a collar template by cut a 1″ wide piece of paper. Wrap this strip around candle and mark leaving extra for an overlap. Fold in half and cut a triangle as pictured. Test to make sure you like it and if not make another.

Cut 1″ strip of glitter foam for each of the following:

  • Collar
  • Belt
  • Buckle
  • Feet

Cut a 3/4″ piece from the gold strip for the buckle.

Hot glue gold buckle to center of belt strip

Use paper template to mark collar center on reverse side and then cut it of collar material. Don’t worry about the length as long as overlap won’t be huge.

Starting at center of candle hot glue collar to candle glass hiding wax level. Add glue as you go. Overlap ends and secure with glue.

Next glue belt onto candle a bit below the center so there will be room for the buttons. Make sure to center buckle

Pro tip: Overlap belt and foot to align with collar overlap for more professional results

Glue foot onto the bottom of glass

Audition button ideas. Various sized buttons, poms-poms or other embellish can change the look to match your style and personality. Choose your favorite and glue them on.

Pro tip: use an embossing tool or hair dryer to blow away those pesky glue strings.

Enjoy your elf candle and make him some buddies.

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