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Celebrate Easter with Easter Eggs

Be sure to read this entire article as we saved the best for last.

This year we decided to feature Easter Eggs.
Eggs represent a new and fresh start.

    As we socially distance ourselves, we can become depressed. Many crafters know that creating a project can go a long way towards boosting our emotional health. If you are new to the concept, try it out! We have selected egg themed projects to focus on as eggs are the precursor to the birth of a new life. We will have at least 3 new videos on making Easter egg decorations soon. Stayed tuned.

   Take a moment to be thankful that we have newer technology to help us stay in close social contact even though we may be physically distanced. In our younger days our options were to write a letter or call on the phone. However the telephone was a super expensive way to stay in touch if you didn’t live in the same town.

   The resurrection of Jesus is the ultimate fresh start! If you are not a Jesus follower, now is the perfect time to start getting to know Jesus by reading the bible. You might just discover new hope in these difficult times. If you are a believer, it is the best time to renew and strengthen your relationship with Jesus.

   Don’t despair if you can’t physically go to church. Many churches are offering an online version where you can chat online with your church family. If your church is unable to offer this, why not extend your church family by checking out another church with this capability. This way you will feel a connection in the future when you are unable to physically attend.

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