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Have Fun, Boost Health, & Get your Boogie Shoes on

   Don’t let Covid 19 zap your emotional health. Exercise promotes not only physical health but emotional health. The later is especially true when the exercise is fun!

   We are delighted to share this awesome video creating by a couple of friends of ours. These energetic women normally work improving the fitness of people over fifty. They have had tremendous positive impact of the lives of almost every one they have worked with.

   So get your boogie shoes on and dance along!

Movers and Shakers Unite!!

Posted by Friends in Action on Friday, March 27, 2020
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Selecting a Ukulele, Making Music Journey Continues

   Since ukulele’s are relatively inexpensive, they are a great instrument to start out with. We advise not going with the cheapest one available.

   Tuning and staying in tune is often a big issue. It stands to reason that the cheaper the lower the quality of the tuning mechanism. Nothing is more frustrating than having you chords sounding off key. You also want a good sound quality and that comes from better build instruments made with quality materials and craftsmanship. Beginners often give up thinking that they just can’t do it when in fact it is a sound quality issue with the uke itself.

   Next consideration is the size.
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Come Along on our NEW Musical Journey

    Less than 2 months ago I started attending a weekly group of people interested in playing ukulele I had zero experience. Check out this video to see how far I have come in this short amount of time.

    I want to share this journey with you and show you how you can learn as well even if you have never played anything before. I will share all the things I have learned along the way including tips that most others don’t share.

    Why? I keep reading that learning new things is great for keeping your mind sharp ♯ and active. Think of it as exercise for your brain. It is said that learning to play music makes new connections in the brain’s communications system. Ukuleles can be quite inexpensive making them a great place to start.

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Fun · Hacks & Tips · Mainely DIY

Introducing the New “Fun” Menu Featuring the Humorous “Wacky Words” Section

We have just added a new menu to the website named fun. This week’s featured section is “Wacky Words” where we share humorous twists on sayings, quips, jokes and more. Please check it out and let us know if we have made you laugh and smile.

Coming soon the the Fun Menu are sections for Animal Antics, Making Music, and Where’ the Waterfall. Check back soon for updates.