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Extend Mask Life with Easy to Make Cover

   With N-95 respirator supplies in question, extending the life of a mask may become important during the pandemic.

   Quilters will especially appreciate that these covers are made with scrap batting. We chose quilting batting because it tends to cling to masks. We have included a casing for elastic or ties should you desire to secure it in place.

   We designed this mask cover to be disposable yet it can be washed a few times.

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Please follow CDC guidelines to help you, your community, and beyond be safe and healthy!
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Bar None Hand Soap or Body Wash Saves Money

   Hand soap can be expensive and body washes are even more. Lets us show you how to inexpensively make your own very simply using a bar of soap.

   For hand soap, we suggest a soap that makes you feel extra clean yet is gentle on your hands. Your hands do so much for you so here’s a way to take card of them.

   In the shower a wet bar of soap can turn yucky so many of us turn to the pricey body wash. Follow our video and you can have the best of both worlds. Select a favorite bar soap with a great scent and skin quenching characteristics and Wow! you just extended the life of your soap bar and eliminated the mess.

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