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After years of friends asking us how we made or repaired things and telling us we should write a book, we have decided to share our knowledge with you.

We want this to be a forum that enhances your creative and do it yourself experiences.  You can help us by letting us know what content you’d like to see and subscribing so you will be notified when new things are posted.  If you decide to purchase an item used in a post, we would appreciate you using the sponsored links shown at the end of the post.  It costs you nothing and gives us a little boost. Please see disclosure page for full information.

We grow-up not only learning to make and repair things ourselves but truly enjoying it.  She has been a lifetime crafter while he keeps everything running smoothly.  Mainers are known for our “Yankee Ingenuity”. After all Maine isn’t just a state, it’s a state of mind and we want you to have the A State of Mind that you Can do it too!

Specific linked product are the products we use or will be using for upcoming projects. Please follow safety instructions for any products you and use safe practices for every project. This site is meant to demonstrate how we did it ourselves and encourage you to give it a try. Please do not extend your project beyond what your personal skill set will allow you to do safely. Please note we are “do it yourselfers” and not experts.

Launched MainelyDIY.com on August 20, 2019

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