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We have a new section called masks and more. What’s the more? Projects to add a sense of humor to stay at home orders, tips to stay safe and more.

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Mascot of 2020

Watch this video to learn how to make this humorous greeting card and discover why the racoon is this year’s mascot.

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We found our racoon picture in a discarded book. If you can go out in nature and photograph one yourself. Alternately you could download one from the internet. Just remember these are for personal use only. You can find the sentiments we used here. No special tools are required to make this card yet we find the items below helpful in card making.

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We have 2 going nuts greeting cards. The first is the Cricut version. Since we show you how to design the card it should work well for other electronic cutting machines as well. Click here for full post.

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The second is the printable version which you can download free from our library and then print and make it. Click here for full post.

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Iris folding is a fun paper craft. It creates a spiraling inward design. We even have instructions on creating your own template.

Gnomes are just plain cool. They are fun and easy to make too!

Wood be Gnominee

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